Robert William Sandford’s latest RMB manifesto invites the reader to separate the hype from the hope with respect to the outcomes of the 2015 Paris climate conference and in relation to humanity’s dangerous new era — the Anthropocene.”

Robert W. Sandford is an eloquent, persuasive writer who knows his subject area well. If this is your first book on climate change and global warming, then after reading it you will be well initiated into the extreme challenges the world faces, as humankind becomes the single biggest influence on the global climate. If you are already a follower and reader of climate change and global warming materials, as I am, you will find this small book to be a helpful summary and refresher about where we are when it comes to climate change and global warming and the dire times we are moving into as a planet.

As I write this review Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the USA, the temperature is at least 30 degrees above normal in the Arctic, and it is being predicted we only have enough arable soil on the planet for 60 more harvests. This book predates those events, so things are worsening quickly, making this book even more timely. Once you read this book and realize the magnitude of the trouble people and the earth are in, the lack of global consensus as to the extent of and what to do about the problem, and the rapidly closing window of opportunity to do the right things – you will be definitely better informed but you may struggle to be optimistic in the face of its sobering call to action.

It’s published by Rocky Mountain Books. 

– Michael